Clear Polyethylene Sheets – Proudly Made in Saudi Arabia

Polyethylene Rolls

Polyethylene (PE) is a common yet extremely useful and cost-effective plastic polymer. PE is found nearly everywhere today, from plastic grocery bags, plastic wrap, drain pipes, to trash cans. PE is an easily processed thermoplastic, which can be made into a variety of shapes and forms, including tubing.

Thick plastic sheets are generally referred to as heavy duty. Our polyethylene sheets are manufactured to withstand any type of use. It will stand up to rain, wind, cold, and heat, ensuring that you get excellent use out of it. Our thick clear plastic sheets/rolls are engineered to be a superior material, usable for many different applications. Some common applications include using it to concrete casting process as vapor barrier or moisture protector, green house cover with anti-aging ultra violet (UV) additives, winterize windows, outdoor protection, or even as a paint drop cloth on floors. We do produce customized sheets as well to match specific thickness, size and finish. Most importantly it is produced with biodegradable properties making it an environmentally friendly product.

Finished Sheets

  • 50 – 500 Micron pre size
  • 3 x 15, 3.5 x 19 & 4 x 25 Meter Sheet Sizes
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Agricultural roll up to 6 meter wide
  • Industrial & construction rolls upto 6 meter wide
  • Inner liner, liner for jumbo bags etc…*