Corrugated Roll & Carton Sheets


Corrugated cardboard and corrugated boards are considered as great wrapping materials. With a thick cardboard sheet construction and industrial look you can use it for cushion wrapping as it also absorbs impact and protects, wrap it around cylindrical shapes, or protect cabinets and furniture. It adds a structured support when you're moving, but also consider shaping it around corners, edges and surfaces of cabinets.

Corrugated flexible single face corrugated sheets conforms to all shapes and sizes. “A” type flutes that raised up to 6 mm provide shock absorbing cushioning and crush resistance. In a house domestic environment, single face corrugated sheets are used to protect metal and glass parts. Also these sheets are designed to fit furniture, clothing, books, household, kitchen, garage, basement, office supplies and other personal items for moving, shipping, storage, or small business packaging. These sheets are 100% recyclable and reusable - simple materials, excellent performance; Made in the KSA. Even if we supply the following standard sheets in Alaa for Building Materials (ABM), we have the viability to supply any customized size and the weight as per customers requirement.

Corrugated Carton &  Sheets

Size Weight

  • 200 cm - width 25 kg Roll
  • 150 cm - width 25 kg Roll
  • 150 cm - width 10 kg Roll