1. What are the modes of Payment?

We at the ALAA for Building Materials provide you the perfect service at lowest possible cost to save your money, keep our administration costs low and provide you 100% security.


2. What is the process of getting a quote?

It is very direct. Simply call us or request a quote in the “REQUEST A QUOTE” section of our website.
We will need the following from you:
1) Material details
2) Estimated quantity requirement
3) Lastly, please be sure to leave behind your contact detail, so we can respond to you at the earliest.


3. Do you have material in stock?

Yes, We maintain stock of standard profiles and sizes. We also maintain stock for companies who have given us their annual forecasted demands. We do not maintain stock for customized parts.


4. How safe is my personal information?

ALAA for Building Materials does not sell information they receive from web orders or email registrations to third parties.


5. Do you deliver order on Fridays and National holidays?

Yes, If it is predetermined or an emergency.